How to create Incident Ticket

How to Create a Ticket - Client and Partners

The Natrinsic Helpdesk:

A Guide for Our Customers



The Natrinsic Helpdesk Ticketing System is the main service portal for technical issues with systems that are covered under a currently valid support contract with Natrinsic.  By creating a ticket, you start the process of engaging the appropriate support teams who will assist in identifying the issue and where appropriate, provide instructions or hands on assistance to resolve the problem.   

For general inquiries, such as for sales or contract issues, or for how you can obtain support for a system that is not covered under a currently valid support contact, please use the main Contact form available at

Ticket Process Flow

Upon creation of a ticket, it will be reviewed by a member of our helpdesk team to determine if the inquiry is covered by a valid support contract, and provided it is, the ticket will then be routed to the appropriate support team.  A member of the support team will then review the ticket and contact you or the appropriate individual at your company to discuss the ticket, gather additional information, schedule a collaborative troubleshooting session etc.  All communication, gathered data and troubleshooting details are logged within the ticket.

Comments and Questions

If you would like to comment or ask questions about this guide, please email: with the subject line “General Support Inquiry”.  Within the body of your email provide, your company name, your position and the system identifier of at least one system for which you have a current support contract. (e.g. NZ123456)

Creating a Natrinsic Helpdesk Ticket

Several methods are available for you to create a ticket:

  1. By logging in to with your activated email account
  2. By sending an email to
  3. By calling the Natrinsic Helpdesk in North America at +1-800-891-2190,  then select option 1.

If you don’t have an activated email account but you think should, please contact our Helpdesk directly at the telephone number listed above with your company and contract specifics. 

Creating a ticket using the Online Ticketing System

The quickest way receive support is to navigate to and login with your activated email account so that you may open a ticket directly:

Once you successfully logged in, click on the Tickets link:

Click on Submit New Ticket

On the New Ticket form, fill out all the mandatory information marked with a Red * to create a ticket and optionally fill out the other information to help us quickly diagnose the issue.  Start by:

Searching for the Product with your System Host Name, or choose from the dropdown the appropriate Product. 

Within the Subject field, enter the issue summary details using the following format:


Where ClientName is your Company Name, HostName is the name of the system, and ShortIssueDescription is a brief description of the problem.  

Next specify the Failure Type, use the Description text box to provide more detailed information about the issue you are encountering, and optionally attach any relevant logfiles.  

Click on Submit and within a few minutes you should receive an email confirmation with a Ticket Number.  If you do not receive this email after 30 minutes, please call the Helpdesk (see page 3 of this guide for contact details.)

Creating a ticket by sending email to 

A slower but still acceptable way to obtain support is by emailing  As with submitting a ticket online, it is necessary to include all the necessary information.  Emails without all the necessary information will require more time to get routed to the appropriate support teams, delaying resolution of your issue. 

The email subject line should consist of:


Where ClientName is your Company Name, HostName is the name of the system, and ShortIssueDescription is a brief description of the problem.  

The body of the email should then be used to expand on the specifics of the issue you are encountering.  Include the following output in the body of the email:

For Netezza:

nzhw -issues
nzds -issues

cat /nz/data/config/callHome.txt
cat /etc/hosts | grep NZ

For Exadata:
System Code: Rack Serial No (Ex: AK00104127) System Name: OEDA Prefix (Ex: oracludr) Component Serial No: (This is serial # for a db node, cell node, etc) Issue Severity: (Severity 1/2/3/4) Failure Type: Issue Details: Note: sundiag output for the concerned node to be uploaded to ftp site using details Natrinsic has provided.

Once the email has been received, you will receive an automated confirmation with your ticket number and our Helpdesk will also follow-up with you.  If you do not receive the automated confirmation email after 30 minutes, please call the Helpdesk (see page 3 of this guide for contact details.)

Creating a ticket via a shell script

You can also use our New Ticket Data Collection Script (for Netezza Only) from our KB section to gather all the data and send it to Natrinsic Support email, Please reach out to Natrinsic Support if you need any help setting this up.

Creating a ticket by calling the Helpdesk

When all else fails, or for those who prefer to talk with an agent, customers within North America may call +1-800-891-2190.  Prior to calling please ensure you have all the specifics about your issue ready (reference the above online or email sections to gather the appropriate data).  Then select Option 1 to report a new issue and the agent will verify contract details and then create a support ticket for you.  After you call the Helpdesk, the ticket will be routed to the appropriate support team and a one of their team members will reach out to you.